All our classes will be running Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9 pm.

Class 1
Position and Movement

In this class, you will be learning the basic steps of cutting, the correct way of handling scissors, proper posture, and afferent styles of combing and sectioning.

Class 2
The Zones

You will be learning about the zones and the specific roles they play in each haircut.  Also, you will learn how to compliment each face shape with styling.

Class 3
Sections and Angles

In this class, you will learn the different types or bases, sectioning, and the different angles involved in a proper hair cut.

Class 4
The Points

You will learn about the 15 points of the head, and the proper analysis and role of how each point contributes to each hair cut.

Class 5

In this class, you will learn about texturizing with scissors, and the proper techniques to maximize movement.

Class 6

You will completely solo style your own client based on the description given by the instructor. Let all your skills really shine!